No… not the November mid-term elections… but the annual Prime Timers elections for the Board of Directors that occurs every January.

We are encouraging all interested parties to consider running for a position on the board, as it now appears that we will have 3 vacancies by the end of this year.

A ballot is emailed (or postal mailed) to all active members in December.  This ballot contains each candidate with a short description of their experience and how they could contribute.  Here is a sample of one from last year’s ballot:

 ______ [Name]: Experience: “ One Year! (Wow how time flies). I’m  loud, not shy, I’m, bold, not afraid to meet a stranger and always looking for new friends. (Some things never change!)” Involvement:  [Name] and I are here to help serve the gay community and by being part of the PTSL is our way of serving. Goals/Ideas: Reach out to any and all who feels they are missing a connection in life. We are a people who care!”

All interested members would need to submit their name and the short description by no later than December 8, so that there is time to print and distribute the ballot document.  The submissions may be sent to, or mailed to Prime Timers, 87 Grasso Plaza #241, St. Louis, MO  63123, or given to any board member.

Filled-out Ballots will need to be submitted by the Monthly Membership Meeting on January 12, 2019, either by email or postal mail beforehand or at the actual meeting.  The results will be announced at the meeting.