Who Joins Prime Timers St. Louis?

A Diverse Membership 

No single profile can define a member of Prime Timers St. Louis. We are a highly diverse group of gay and bisexual men.  Some of us are single; some coupled.  Some of us are retired; some are in our twenties. Some of us are still choosing or changing our profession; some are already retired businessmen, lawyers, teachers, ministers, laborers, truck drivers, or hairdressers. We range in age from 21 to 90 and come from every profession, race, class and walk of life. Prime Timers are sons, brothers, fathers, grandfathers and care givers. We reside in all regions of the metropolitan area – St. Louis city, St. Louis County, Metro East Illinois and the surrounding Missouri and Illinois counties.

A Safe Place

Some members are completely out to their family, friends and even coworkers while others are not. The organization and its individual members pledge to respect the privacy of each member and protect the degree of anonymity desired by each member.

Active, Interesting People

Many Prime Timers are involved in their local community through volunteerism, politics, gay activism, arts, entertainment and other aspects of healthy living. Some are always on the go while some prefer the quiet company of others at home.

The Common Thread

What all Prime Timers have in common is that they enjoy the opportunities and friendships that come from participating in this organization. Whatever your situation, you will be made to feel welcome and will be embraced by our members. So, if you want to meet other mature gay and bisexual men and to enrich your life along the way, come give us a try!

Click Here for the Membership Application (fillable PDF).   Please Note:  By becoming a member you agree that hosts of events, Prime Timers St. Louis and property owners are not liable for any injury and/or loss of property at any event sponsored by or associated with Prime Timers St. Louis.

Click Here for the optional Membership Interest Form (fillable PDF).  Note: A current and signed PTSL membership application must be on file before the survey information can be used, and the member must be marked as “Listed” on the application.  By submitting this form, you are granting PTSL permission to make the survey information available to fellow members.

Click Here for the Chapter By-Laws

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Click Here for the Membership Roster (password-protected, for members only)
Please note that the roster is only available to active members who have requested to be listed.  It is PTSL policy that the roster and the information contained in it are confidential and are not to be shared with anyone who is not an active/listed member of PTSL nor are they to be used for any commercial or similar purposes.